The Monoblocks: Beowulf from Bladelius Design Group
The Beowulf monaural amplifier is a milestone in amplifier design. The Beowulf is two power amplifiers in one chassis. One amplifier section, based on bipolar power devices, is optimized to handle low-frequency information, while the other amplifier section, based on MOSFET power devices, is optimized to handle high-frequency information. Normally this is impossible, but thanks to a very careful matching of power devices in time domain, timbre, and tonal balance, the Beowulf handles the changeover from the low-frequency amplifier section to the high-frequency section without any audible problems. The combination of bi-polar and MOSFET power devices in one chassis has never been realised before, and creates great advantages in music reproduction, especially in the control of bi-wired or bi-amplified speaker systems.

Each amplifier section is capable of delivering 450W into 8 Ohms, 900W into 4 Ohms, and 1800W into 2 Ohms continuously. This immense strength is realised thanks to the Beowulf's huge switch-mode power supply, which is capable of supplying the amplifier sections with more than 10kVA of power. Beowulf is a very versatile design that offers the possibility of using the amplifier either in a bi-wired speaker configuration or with an external crossover for bi-amplifying.

The Multi-player: Gondul version 3 from Bladelius Design Group
The multi-format disc player and multi-channel preamplifier known as Gondul is a no-compromise solution for both audio and video applications. Listen, and you'll hear the music for the first time. Look, and you'll see the details you've been missing.

Gondul plays all standard formats: CD, SACD, DVD-Audio, DVD-Video, MP3, etc. Its modular design allows the customer to choose his own plug-in boards. An analogue input boardand a video board are currently available. Other boards are forthcoming. The player has a built-in analogue volume control that gives the highest obtainable performance at all levels. A large toroidal transformer is the foundation of a carefully designed power supply. Gondul has three digital inputs and three digital outputs.