The Cables: Jorma Prime from Jorma Design Jorma Design was founded in 2002 on a simple principle-to retrieve what is on the recording without adding or subtracting anything from the original signal. The "secret" is that every Jorma Design cable is a carefully chosen combination of design and structure, and that it uses the best materials in the world. Every Jorma Design cable has to satisfy strict criteria before leaving the factory, and every cable is individually tested to ensure that it meets those standards.

The newly-developed cables that Jorma Design will be contributing to this project are made of top-quality materials: gold, copper, transparent Teflon and walnut, all fine-tuned to get their best possible result. The cables have completely new conductors that were developed especially for this project, by a small European producer that really had to push its limits. The manufacturer had to change its machines to be able to make these conductors, and it took more than half a year to test them. The cables are made of the best possible materials without any compromise and make use of Bybee Slipstream Golden Quantum Purifiers.

These cables get the most out of the Swedish Statement project. The development of these cables has also helped the company to improve the rest of its designs.