The Loudspeaker System: Coltrane Supreme from Marten
Coltrane Supreme is with no doubt a high-end sensation. The system will have its world premiere at CES 2006. Since its start in 1998, Marten has worked with the German manufacturer Accuton. For the former top-of-the-line model, the Coltrane, Marten used the diamond tweeter from Accuton, together with ceramic midrange and woofer drivers from the same producer and a cabinet made of carbon fibre laminate. Marten is now the first loudspeaker producer in the world to use Accuton’s 5cm diamond midrange in the Coltrane Supreme. Each of the Supreme’s two main speaker towers employs one diamond tweeter, one diamond midrange unit, one ceramic lower midrange unit and four woofers for the upper bass. The two bass towers employ six 9-inch woofers each, and a 2000W power amplifier. The cabinets are made of carbon fibre laminate and wood. The integral stands are made of polished stainless steel, and use cones and pucks from Black Diamond Racing.

“Coltrane Supreme”: the world’s first loudspeaker with 50mm diamond midrange
Coltrane Supreme is the final challenge for Marten’s chief designer, Leif Mårten Olofsson. After the success of the Coltrane model (Product of the Year Award 2004 in the Discovery category from the British high-end magazine Hifi+ and Class-A-rated in the U.S. magazine Stereophile), he felt it was time to take his design efforts to the highest level, to compete with the world’s finest loudspeakers.

The Coltrane Supreme is a four-cabinet system, consisting of two main loudspeakers and two dedicated subwoofers. The cabinets are made of extremely rigid, light, and stiff carbon fibre laminate with a Kevlar honeycomb in between. The main loudspeakers have a frequency range from 100 to 100,000 Hz. The crossover is a fully balanced, active, fourth-order design, with digital room correction possibilities below 100 Hz. The subwoofers have a frequency range from 15 to 100 Hz.

Each main speaker tower employs four 7-inch ceramic upper bass units, one newly developed 7-inch ceramic lower-midrange unit, the world’s first 2-inch diamond midrange, and one _-inch diamond tweeter. Each subwoofer employs six newly-developed 9-inch, long-throw ceramic bass units with extreme low bass capabilities. All drivers employ neodymium under-hung magnet systems.
The sonic performance of the Coltrane Supreme loudspeaker system is breathtaking, with extreme detail, clarity, speed, dynamics and resolution combined with a deep, wide soundstage and extreme low-bass performance. With the active crossover and the digital room correction system (below 100 Hz), it is possible to get full performance from the system in any reasonably-sized room. Mårten Design’s Coltrane Supreme is the ultimate reference in sound reproduction.