In the early 90¹s analogue reproduction was giving way to the rapidly dominating cd. Concerned by the analogue decline, we were led to develop and market a turntable matching contemporary trends  using an air-bearing platter and tone arm, etc. It certainly sounded better that the digital media at the time. Better late than sorry.

10 years on, however, and still counting, the analogue renaissance has fuelled a new generation of turntables, pick-ups and electronics. Analogue was never better! We were also struck by the renaissance torch and, benefiting from our previous experience, we developed a new, and much improved, turntable known as the Nordic Concept Reference. The new turntable was premiered at the 2002 CES.

Our constant goal has been to make a turntable which not only stands out in terms of design sophistication and musical reproduction but that is also affordable! To achieve this aim we looked carefully at all of our best ideas, combining them with our expertise in modern materials technology and engineering and came up with an entirely new product called the Nordic Concept Artist. This is the best player we have ever made and, we are convinced, one that it will stand up to any competitor.

We have also developed two tone arms to match the new player. One utilizes an air-bearing while the other uses a bearing engineered from kevlar and miniature hi-flux magnets.

We can't wait to give you the listening experience first hand. Or to answer your questions about this innovatory design. Looking forward to spinning a disc for you soon.

Audio Concept is based in Stockholm, Sweden. Apart from manufacturing turntables and tone arms we also represent many hi-end brands in Sweden, either via our own imports or as representatives for other importers.
The pure pleasure of listening to music has been the driving force behind the creation of the NC Artist.

I sincerely believe it will bring owners enjoyment for many years both as a design object and as an instrument to enhance their musical experience.